Representational Oil Painter of "Impressionistic Luminism"



Artist Jeanne Marie Steele paints in a style she calls ‘Impressionistic Luminism’. The Luminist movement of the mid-19th century was focused on the study of light. Atmospheric effects were achieved by careful gradation of tone with no sign of brushwork. Steele seeks to incorporate these atmospheric effects and moody tones along with the lively and fluid brushstrokes inspired by the Impressionists.

Born and raised in La Jolla, California, Steele has lived throughout the West and has focused her work on the Western landscape. Steele now resides in Gold Beach, Oregon and continues to travel throughout the mountain states, the desert and the pacific coast. Steele has studied under recognized painters Sebastian Capella, Perrietta Hester and Wolf Kahn.


Steele uses numerous layers of paint on canvas and wood panels, enhanced by a high varnish finish which livens the oil’s surface. This format creates a jewel-like quality which she enhances at times with gold leaf applied to the painting surface. Her work evokes a richness reminiscent of an ‘old world’, romantic era.


"I try to incorporate a luminous inner glow in each painting," Steele states. "I move from dark to light within the piece, creating a field of depth and hopefully mystery. I want my work to appeal to the viewer’s emotions and memories…leaving some of the painting unexplained, just as life is."


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